Professional Help

(Rafael Magnvs) #1

I am looking for someone that I can trust to help me get the best of piwik has to offer.

I have two websites. The first is a flash website and the second and most importantly a complex social network with many features.

I am looking for people that could provide a consulting service, so not only they would be installing the Piwik on the two websites, but

also instructing me on to better utilize all the Piwik functions.

I hope someone can help me or point me on the right direction.

Thank you.


(kevin morton) #2

Hi Raphael.

We are currently undergoing some manger changes here at Piwik and I hope I can offer the advice you need.

At Piwik we are currently under taking a project to develop a consulting Feature for Piwik but for now you are welcome to use this page feel free to ask any question here.

If you like you could ancer a question, what would you like to know about the consult?