Professional Certificacion Piwik

(Enrique Velasco) #1

Hi guys,

I’m Enrique, from Spain.

I’m a blogger and defender free software.

I want participate in this forum and offer my help for the Piwik have its own certification.



(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Hi Enrique,

That’s great to hear! Welcome to the forums. Looking forward to your contributions :slight_smile:

(Enrique Velasco) #3

Hi Matt,

I have a blog where speak about Social Media, Web Analytics, SEO, SEM, Social Networks, etc…

I want create an academy in my blog and make webinars, and courses about piwik. Someone want help me? Someone user is spanish?

Thanks for all,


(Fabián Rodríguez) #4

Hola Enrique,

That’s a great idea! What is your blog address? Feel free to share the address here when you post about your project. There was a previous discussion about certification here.

Regarding Spanish users, Matt brought your message to my attention and I suggested creating a forum for Spanish users.

If you want to help with moderation of the Spanish forum, let me know, and thank you for asking about Spanish users :slight_smile:



(Onder Turan) #5

Hi, i would like to create Turkish forum, is this possible ?
( my blog



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(Lukas Winkler) #23

Locked due to attracting too much spam.

If you want to talk about Matomo Certification, just open a new thread.