Product Tracking

Hi all,

Please bear with me here as I’m new to this and only have very very basic knowledge.

I have installed Piwik analytics on my e-commerce website which is currently being built. I have added the tracking code to the footer file and it is all working fine.

I now want to be able to track and create a report which will show me the below:

Page URL, Page Name, Page Views, Unique Views, Bounce Rate, Product Sales.

I have seen a report in the system which shows me the first set of data but in two different reports. My main problem is i cant see how i can view itemised products products and how many sales for each of these.

I have looked at the tutorials etc of how to add additional tracking code but as I don’t really have any experience with this kind of thing I am struggling to figure out what the code should look like, where I should place it and then how i build the report on the back end to show this data.

Please can anyone help.

Thanks in advance.

What shopping cart software have you got? If its on this list - Integrations - Analytics Platform - Matomo then use one the existing modules to product the ecommerce tracking of products etc.

Reports I have no idea about, but if the data you want isnt in a single report then you either have to make do with it being spread across multiple or generate a custom report (assume this is possible, not delved into it myself)