processRequest and REST Api different Results

This is processRequest in a own custom plugin.

Request::processRequest('API.getProcessedReport', array(
            'apiModule' => 'CustomReports',
            'apiAction' => 'getCustomReport',
            'idSite' => $idSite,
            'period' => $period,
            'date' => $date,
            'idCustomReport' => $customReportId,
            'token_auth' => 'removed'

and this should be the same request with the REST Api$idSite&period=day&date=yesterday&idCustomReport=$customReportId&format=JSON&token_auth=removed

The REST Api returns all Metrics in ‘reportTotal’, but the processRequest is missing the metric “sum_goals_revenue”

@innocraft, do you know why such a difference?
Should @Peter_K create a new issue in GitHub?

Would you be able to create a feature request on our issue tracker here:

This is so we have it noted down for the team to look into when possible.