Problems with tracking goals


I have serious problems tracking goals with Piwik. I have it setup as an URL goal (thank you page).

In the beginning it was reporting too many conversions (came to a conclusion it was probably because people were returning to the thank you page).

To combat this, we came to an idea of adding a “redirect” page which would be a simple page stating it’s redirecting the visitor while just loading the Piwik code to report. It sounded like a great idea but in reality Piwik just started under-reporting goals.

  • On 10/02 we added the redirect page.

Any ideas what we could do?


Note: you do not need to add a redirect page, as you can configure to track only one goal per visit. (when editing the goal)

visitors should not go back to the Thank you page after their current visit?

it’s hard to say more without doing in depth investigation…

if you can reproduce the bug that a goal is not tracked, you can enable debugging:

We did a redirect page because visitors can return with other device, when they’re not tracked under same session etc.

OK, I’ll enable debugging and see what we get.