Problems with PHP 5.4.10

Yes, I did and disabled it a while but it didn’t become better.

Hm… If I install a new piwik on another place while track the same sites I don’t have any problem… So there has to be something wrong with the database, I think.
As soon as I change the database to my actual piwik installation, the errors occur again.

Maybe the issue is a corruption in mysql database.

can you try and run mysqlcheck or some sort of table diagnostic then try and see how piwik runs?

mysqlcheck sais “OK” on every table.

when you install it on another place is the mysql version exactly the same? is it a parallel directory to the older mysql location? Same domain different domain?

It’s the same version, same MySQL server etc.
Except of the domain: The first one is just the IP address, the second one has a domain.

How about users rights is it the same user and user access on both databases?

The ip VS domain name im unsure as you mentioned you can see some stats sometimes…

Yes, the user rights are the same.

The following widgets work fine:
Visits Overview (with graph)
Visits Overview
Visitor Location (World Map)
Frequency Overview
Top Keywords for Page URL
SEO Rankings
Visitors in Real-time

All the other widgets don’t work.

The only site, which doesn’t work fine is Visitors -> Visitor Log.

i’m seeing this same issue on my install of piwik 1.12.
i’m running php 5.4.15
centos 6.4

[error] 27480#0: *42927 FastCGI sent in stderr: “PHP message: PHP Fatal error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in /mysite/piwik/core/View.php on line 37” while reading response header from upstream, client:, server:, request: “POST /index.php?date=2013-05-03,2013-06-01&module=Referers&action=getSearchEngines&widget=1&viewDataTable=table&idSite=1&period=range HTTP/1.1”, upstream: “fastcgi://”, host: “”, referrer: “

I just got the same:

Fatal error: Nesting level too deep - recursive dependency? in /www/sites/—/docs/core/View.php on line 37

when trying to view the latest visitors log, and it was working ten minutes ago…
Any ideas?

Maybe this could help?

@lesjokolat - no, I got a different error. Which now disappeared and I only get a “Oops… there was a problem with your request” message when I try to view the Visitor Log or some of the other reports; then the report just shows “loading data” and nothing happens.