Problems with installation

Hi all,
I have big problem to install piwik on my server. There is php 5.2.12 available. I have updload the full package inside the folder “piwik” on the root path of the server. When I try to reacht the installation with " I became the following error message: "Error: Unable to mkdir /www/htdocs/w00c6769/piwik/tmp/sessions"
I have all rights on the folder “piwik”.
What must I do, that I can install piwik? style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif
Thanks for your support.

cheers sveni

No idea??? I have change the chmod gto 777 but it don’t work also…:frowning:
Need some tipps…please support me…

Hi sveniboy70,

i checked your problem at because i think it’s a PHP related problem.
Over here: http:// i found out that

Note: When safe mode is enabled, PHP checks whether the directory in which the script is operating has the same UID (owner) as the script that is being executed.

Check http:// and disable it for the installation.
Hope that helps. Feel free to ask further question.

BR, Mariusz

I get the same error. I resolved it by creating, under Filezilla, manually the directory /sessions under /tmp and made it writable.

I suggest you to make the same opérations.

Good luck !