Problems with goals and custom variables

Hi everyone,

I am currently facing a problem when tracking custom variables and goals.

I have a “forgot password” goal and a “User” custom variable that I use to track which user has forgot his password (first name and last name).

When i click on my goal page, and on the “custom Variables” menu entry on the bottom of the page, I can see that i have several conversions for my “User” custom variable. But I can’t click on it and see the details and the values of my custom var.

Has anyone faced this problem yet ?

Am i doing everything as i should ?

Is there another way to track events for a specific user ?

Thanks in advance !

Unfortunately this is a limitation of Piwik, I have created a ticket Process Conversion metrics for Custom Variables values · Issue #4369 · matomo-org/matomo · GitHub

please post your comment there if you can and to know when it is being worked on

This was implemented in 2.0.3! Enjoy