Problems with GeoIP


Hi all,

I have a problem with showing wrong data from GeoIP. For our web sites based in Serbia its showing that all visitors are coming from Germany. I didn’t update Piwik to 1.2 or change something in GeoIP plug in, it just started two days ago without any reason.

Thank you all in advance.


(Thomas Seifert) #2

Is it hosted in germany? Maybe some reverse proxy and its ip is used for geoip location?


Yes, its hosted in Germany. I will check proxy settings.

Thanks for the tip.

(Thomas Seifert) #4

I don’t mean a proxy in front of your browser but some proxy at the host, a reverse proxy which is delivering the pages to each customer. You should ask your host about it. As far as I know there are settings in piwik which can be used to get the real ip.