Problems with extending the tutorial-plugin


Hi there,

I’ve just started to develop with piwik and done the tutorial first. Now I’ve tried to add some more to the widget and I ran into several problems.

  1. I wrote a less file to style the table within the widget, but I can’t find, where I can add the style so my changes are shown.
  2. Is there a way to define the width for each column and to manipulate the -element within each column?

I already tried to add the theme.less file in my plugin-class

public function getListHooksRegistered()
        return array(
            'AssetManager.getJavaScriptFiles' => 'getJavaScriptFiles',
            'AssetManager.getStylesheetFiles' => 'getStylesheetFiles'

    public function getJavaScriptFiles(&$files)
        $files[] = 'plugins/MyPlugin/javascripts/plugin.js';

    public function getStylesheetFiles(&$stylesheets)
        $stylesheets[] = 'plugins/MyPlugin/stylesheets/theme.less';

Hope, you guys can help me out here.

Thanks in advance,

EDIT: added code


The less stylesheet was correctly added by myself, I had some errors within the less-stylesheet. Also I swapped the first and second column to change the width without any problems…

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