Problems with displaying collected data

I’m trying to test Piwik to see if it can replace our current in-house stat-system but I’ve encountered a serious snag.

I’ve got 3 machines dedicated to Piwik: 1 collector (collecting data), 1 db-server (newest MySQL-flavour) and 1 piwik frontend I use to access the data (piwik-frontend).

I’ve got approx. 20megs of data at this point but when I access piwik I only get empty graphs telling me “No data for this graph”. I’ve read the forums and inserted date_default_timezone_set(“Europe/Oslo”); I’ve also edited php.ini: date.timezone = Europe/Oslo

Still empty graphs and such. I’ve reinstalled Piwik about 3 times now but still nothing. I’ve tweaked the collector and db but it shouldn’t be related to the frontend; the system collects data nicely :slight_smile:

Do you have any tips/hints for resolving this issue?


Johan G.

Check the server log files. It’s difficult to diagnose the problem from this symptom.

PHP memory limit (php.ini) would be my first guess.

[quote=vipsoft @ Mar 19 2009, 02:21 PM]Check the server log files. It’s difficult to diagnose the problem from this symptom.

PHP memory limit (php.ini) would be my first guess.[/quote]

Hi and thanks for the reply.
I’ve set the memory_limit to 512M but I had the same problem before I changed it.
None of the logfiles (apache’s error.log, messages or others) contains any error.

We didn’t have any problems displaying the data when we ran both collector, frontend and db on the same server. We have 2m+ pageviews daily and I had to split the service over several servers.



Europe/Oslo was specific to the user/machine in that forum post – that may not be what you want for your setup

Double check everything, even the obvious.

On the frontend, run mysql from the shell and run some queries.
Also check your /etc/hosts file.

did you select “today” in the calendar?

I’ve collected data for 5 days now and strangely enough I can only see a graph for the first day. For the other four days I get “No data for this graph”.

I’ve removed date.timezone=Europe/Oslo in the php.ini-file. I’ve checked my hosts-file and I’ve tested some queries to the db-server.

Seems like this app isn’t quite happy with something.

You can check out my phpinfo on:

I was just wondering… I have two apache-servers; one that collects data and one which displays it. Am I incorrect if I presume that the date-settings is irrelevant on the collector?