Problems with a charset


Hi all!
After upgrading to Piwik 1,6 have some problems with a charset in a referer_keyword column.


same here.
Greek is totally broken, and was working excellent in previous versions of piwik.
changing character set on browser does nothing.

any help on this ?

(Matthieu Aubry) #3

There is a fix, see: 301 Moved Permanently


thanks indeed. this fixed the problem, but previous keywords remain broken in database. Any chance you know any software (windows or linux) that can convert those broken characters to the proper so I can edit the database entries ? (would that cause problems ?)

…well, to my “opinion”, any change or correction to the release should have a version number. example this one should be v1.6.0.1 and not replaced to 1.6 because if I wouldn’t post about it in the forum, I would not even know v1.6 was replaced with this corrected .js files, although I use RSS to be up to date.

thanks for the great work once again.