Problems showing downloads

I got Piwik 1.6 installed, and it was displaying tracked downloads fine at first, although I had to click open the domain name in the downloads widget to see the individual files. I changed the setting “action_url_category_delimiter” to “” instead of “/” so that the first part of URLs wouldn’t be treated like categories. Then, then Pages widget started showing individual files rather than categories that had to be clicked open. However, despite the code saying that this setting affects both pages and downloads, the Downloads widget still didn’t show individual files on the first level; the domain name (first part of URL) still showed up like a category, forcing me to click on it to show individual files. And then, after a couple of days, even clicking the domain name didn’t show the dowloaded files; it now just says “No data in this category. Try to “Include all population”.”

What is going on? It’s the same story for emailed PDF reports; Pages and Page Titles show the list of files (or page titles) without any sort of category, but downloads just shows a total for the domain without individual file names.