Problems setting goals from events via isomorphic javascript

Hi all -

I wonder if anyone has come across this problem before and can help?

Context: we have an isomorphic application which gives JavaScript users an immersive experience as they go through the pages, while non-JS users go back to the server and refresh the page each time they click through. In order to track events accurately, we have an abstraction layer whereby both JS and non-JS users send events to a sort of ‘events engine’ on our server, which then fires an event over to PIWIK.

It’s working totally beautifully in terms of sending events - in the PIWIK events section, sorted by category, we get great information like:

Event category total events
00.Departure country 17
01.Destination country 17

However, I would love to tie these events up to goals - but when I set up a goal eg:

Applicant chooses departure country Send an event (Event Category) Pattern contains: 00.Departure country

I just can’t get these goals to fire. I’ve tried what seems like every possible combination of ‘pattern contains’, ‘exact match’ etc.

Has anyone come across this before and managed to solve it? I couldn’t see it anywhere on the support or help topics, apologies if I had missed it.

Thanks all, best wishes -


Hi Phil

are you using Piwik 2.16.0? if you have a problem and are using this version already, please create a bug report with exact steps to reproduce the issue on our tracker Issues · matomo-org/piwik · GitHub

Hi Matthieu - thanks so much for looking into it. I am using the latest version so I will raise a bug now. Thanks and best wishes -