Problem with url context

Good Morning

I have a problem with matomo when parsing a log. No invalid log lines are found, but it does not upload visits from a context correctly.

Within a log I visualize the context by means of a grep more than 300 lines that contain that context, but when parsing it it does not raise more than 15 visits of that context.

When I talk about context I mean within matomo-behavior-pages

What can it be? How can I solve it?

Thanks a lot

I’m still waiting for an answer as I still have the same problem

Sorry, I really don’t understand your problem… :thinking:

I have configured the for my specific log_format of logs. Although it does not appear in the parsing of lines in log_invalid_lines, it does not upload the entire number of visits from a specific context of the log to the web. If I check it manually and from the /fse-aragon context there are 300 lines, the same way matomo uploads about 40 to the web.

Do you have any error in the import?
See for example:

there are no errors in the php-fpm log and no invalid lines appear in the import summary

What do you see in the visits report for these 4110 requests?

What do you mean specifically with the one I see in the report?

Example (from

Finally, sorry, I don’t understand the problem as Matomo seems to show the gathered data… ?