Problem with traking

Hi guys.

I am a new user and it is from two groups that I can not solve my problem with Piwik.

I successfully installed the program on my server, but the problem is I do not track any of the two sites that I put.

I followed all the instructions in the guide, I placed the Java code that was generated, but it’s two days that I do not see any results.

What else can I do? The site is and

Piwik is install on the server of

Tanks so much for the help

The piiwk is not installed in the right path, your javascript code is not correct because this request is 404:–%20Reviewed&idsite=1&rec=1&rand=0.7130411511953034&h=5&m=44&s=6&

Hi Matt and tanks for reply.

Sorry but not understand.

I still read the documentation and user guide and I found nothing that helped me.

I installed Piwik in the directory just as written in the manual. In addition, the JavaScript code is generated automatically and then I think is right.

What do you mean when you write the code is wrong and also the piiwk is not installed in the right path?

Thanks again for your help.

OK that’s a bit strange, because


is NOT working and 404 !! maybe you have mod_security enabled that returns a 404 error when a URL contains another URL? Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo

Hi Matt,

thanks for the help.

I contacted the customer service of my ISP seems to me that fixed the problem.

Thanks again for your help you were great!


Andrea, it appears you’re hosting with Hostgator (which is known to use mod_security).

When you installed Piwik, you should have seen a system check warning when you installed Piwik, along the lines of:

Tracker status:  GET request to piwik.php failed.  Try whitelisting this URL from mod_security and HTTP Authentication.

Hi Anthon,

I did not see any messages during the installation of Pwik. In fact I thought everything was correct, but it really was not.

Tanks so much

Oh…I see why. Your site has a custom 4xx handler.

Yes! This is the problem I am facing. My hosting provider has disabled the mod_security but I’m still running into this issue. Could someone please help me set this up?


My hosting provider has disabled the mod_security but I’m still running

they probably havent disabled the extension properly?

Hey Matt! I posted on my other post that it’s now working. The issues were with the Bullet Proof Security Plugin! Maybe this should be made public somewhere that these two do not like to work with each other. Thanks again for all your help.

thanks for following up, but what is “Bullet Proof Security Plugin” ?