Problem with site id


I’ve got the following problem:
I’m testing now a website, let’s say which is still under construction.
Waiting till it is ready, I hard coded the javascript (with “idsite=1”) in the index construction page.

On another folder of the root is the real (in progress) website using Wordpress. Piwik is normally installed in it’s own folder, as well as the plugin.

In the piwik CMS (outside wordpress cms), I created 2 websites: one for the construction page (idsite=1) and one with the in progress folder (, with idsite=2) on which Wordpress is installed.

For some reason that I didn’t find, the script used for both uses idsite=1, when it should be so. But I can’t find a way from any cms (WP or piwik) to change the site id to 2 for the progress part.

Is it normal? Is there anything to do about it?

Thax for your answers.