Problem with Piwik in Magento 1.9.1


After installation piwik in magento 1.9.1 in the backend I have this message "You are missing your Piwik Token Auth Key. Get it from your API tab in your Piwik Install."
How to solve this problem ?

(Matthieu Napoli) #2

Go in your Piwik install, login and go into your account settings (click on your username on the top right).

In your account settings there is a “API” tab, and here you should be able to get your API token key.


Where is my Piwik install ? In Magento do not know where I can find my instal piwik.
Thank you for your help.

(Matthieu Napoli) #4

OK you need to read the guide from the Magento plugin. It probably says at some point that you have to install Piwik.