Problem with PHP API Tracking and PiwikTracker.php

Before updating to v1.6 (I used 1.51 previously) tracking made by a php-script was working and the goal was counted.
After upgrading to v1.6 only the goals which are done by JS get counted but the ones triggered with an PHP API-call are ignored. So are the actual pageviews for this pages.
Nothing was changed after upgrading which could interfere with behaviour.
Furthermore the PiwikTracker.php file on Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo is linking to which wasn’t the case a couple of weeks ago.

Any clue what the problem might be? Are there others experiencing the same problem?

Maake sure that you set the request time correctly via setForceVisitDateTime() on the PHP tracking API, and also you must use setTokenAuth (see instructions in the page Tracking API - Analytics Platform - Matomo