Problem with initial installation after files copied up

I’ve got a VPS running Ubuntu, Apache, PHP, and MySQL. I conformed to the installation instructions and after using wget to download and unzip to This phenomenon is happening whether I download and unzip via CLI or whether I ftp the files over (binary).

After copying the files over, I thought that pointing my browser to should trigger the installer wizard, but instead I get the index of the stats folder.

If I click on the How to install Piwik link, it merely re-directs me to the instructions page on the Piwik site.

If i try to go to, I get an error occurred.

If I try to go to I get a browser error that the site isn’t working. error 500.

Any advice? Any other details I can provide that can assist in troubleshooting this issue?



You should set permissions in the piwik directory, all subdirectories, and all files to 755, except the piwik/tmp and piwik/config directories, which require 777. Once Piwik has been configured properly, you can set the piwik/config directory and its contents to 755.

You launch Piwik by pointing your browser to the stats/piwik directory. If you want to launch Piwik from the stats directory, you need to move everything down one directory level, or FTP from your local PC’s piwik directory to the stats directory on the server.