Problem with imported logfile data


I´m new to piwik and this forum. I used the search function but without success.
So here is my problem:
I used the python import script to import the apache logfile and that worked.
But when i take a look at the visitor-log there is something wrong with the actions.
What they look like:
What it should look like:

I have no idea why piwik puts the default URL in front of the action and why the “:” after the second “http” is missing.

Someone knows the problem?



Hi Klaus,

In your logfile do some (or all) of the paths have “http//” before them? Since it’s not a valid way to start the URL, the importer script will think its the path and prepend the site host to it (so you get…). If your logfile is fine, though, then the issue is caused by something else.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi capedfuzz,

thanks for the answer. I checked the logfile again to be sure. There are no entries where the URL starts with “http//”, they all start with “http://”. So the problem must be something else.
Some background informations i missed in the first post:

  • The logfile ist from a magento system with many white lable shops
  • I filtered it to have only the entries from the “main” site

Any other ideas or missing informations?

Not sure what’s wrong, then… I have some ideas, but I’ll have to investigate further. I’ll be able to do that in the morning.

Ok, I’ve reproduced the issue. The importer script is expecting the log file to contain PATHs only (’/wasser-sparen.html’ NOT ‘’). This isn’t the ideal behavior, though, so I’m going to fix it. In the mean time, if you remove ‘’ from the URLs in your logfile, it will import correctly.

Fixed the problem. You can download an updated importer script here:

Thanks a lot capedfuzz!
The script is now working perfectly fine.