Problem with "Give this user access to All Websites"


I’m quite new to Matomo but I set it up and it’s working fine in general. We use log file ingress to feed data into it and we have about 1250 websites in our instance.
I wanted to give a second user access to all websites. There is a section in the “Edit user”->“Permissions” part that says " Give this user access to All Websites:". I do this, and it only gives access to 100 websites. The user only sees 100 websites. When I select 10 sites that were not included in these and add access, the user sees 110 sites etc. But this would be very exhausting to do for the remaining 1150 sites. Is there a better way? Is this a bug? Can at least the list of sites in the permissions section of the user edit be increased?


@SteveG, @Lukas it seems indeed there is a bug…
@SStefan , maybe with a loop on the HTTP API UsersManager.setUserAccess ?

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