Problem with GeoIP

Hello! I installed the latest version of Piwik (1.8.1) and GeoIP plugin with a latest base. Now I had this problem.
In the Visitor Log I see those visitors who actually enter my site:
[attachment 665 2012-06-03_224130.jpg]

But in Locations & Provider I see wrong stats (another country):
[attachment 666 2012-06-03_224334.jpg]

Setup enable_language_to_country_guess = 0, nothing has changed. Tell me what I’m doing wrong???

The problem resolved itself. The next day, the country began to appear as they should …

Good news: GeoIP is now integrated in Piwik, enabling Accurate Visitors Geolocation in your Analytics reports. To enable GeoIP go to the Settings > Geolocation admin page, and follow the short instructions.

You can also get an even more accurate Country & City Database from here to enjoy top accuracy in detecting your visitors locations.

See also the documentation about Geolocation - Analytics Reports in Piwik.