Problem with click trigger


I want to integrate Matomo Tag Manager into an vuejs/nuxt application which uses vuetify. After a lot of problems it seems that I found a solution for this.

Now I want to define some different trigger for clicking on elements in frontend like click on logo, h1 or other things (just for testing). I defined trigger like:

click class contains v-tabs
element click is css selector h1
element click is css selector .my-css-class

As tags I just defined a console.log to see if the trigger are working.

Some of the triggers are working (for example click on on h1 or v-tabs element to switch tabs), others like click on logo are not working.

Best case: The click on the search icon works in some cases. Not allways, sometimes I have to click ten times on the icon and first after this I see the console.log.

I don’t get it. I don’t understand the behaviour.

I know this is a stupid question, but do you have any ideas for this? Is there maybe a conflict between different click trigger? Or some kind of prevent default or something?

Thanks for some help!

Best regards,


A small addtion:

It seems that click trigger work better when I define the whole css selector.

For example:

#pb-quicksearch-open > span > i

and not just


I don’t know why but it seems so.

Can anyone explain this behaviour to me?