Problem with campaign-tracking-links

we are using Matomo to track our conversions with tracking-links. Recently we changed some of these tracking-links and replaced them on every channel and website. But unfortunately there are still about 500 clicks and just as much actions on these tracking-links and a really high abandonment rate, which we cannot explain. They don’t even have a Visitor-Log, so that we asume it must be any automatic system, that is causing these clicks.

Could you help us with this problem?

I also made a screenshot of the clicks and actions to make the problem clear.


What kind of report do you use for this screenshot?

Hi Philippe, it’s the monthly overview-report in “acquisition” > “campaigns”
(we are using matomo in german, so I hope the categorys are accurate)

OK, I missed the Display a table with Visitor engagement metrics menu…
On the demo Matomo, I see the visitor log, when I hover the line…

Other way to get some visitor log:Try to create a segment on the Campaign name for example (then don’t forget to invalidate past data in order to create the report data for this new segment), and the visitor Log will provide you what you want…

In your visit process, do you have any third-party (eg. some payment provider). Note that some Matomo configuration (create_new_visit_when_website_referrer_changes and/or create_new_visit_when_campaign_changes) can lead Matomo to create a new visit session when the referrer changes