Problem with script

I’ve got the script in cron and it’s executing, but I don’t believe it’s running correctly.

It doesn’t appear to actually run the archives for each site (I’ve got about 150 sites). I looked at the script and it looks like it should output text like “Archiving period…” – but nothing is output.

From reading previous posts, it seems it’s got something to do with superuser settings.

In my I’ve got:

login = "mylogin"
password = “xxx"
email = "

The login & password (MD5 encrpyted) matches mine in the system (though note I am using the HttpAuthLogin plugin).

Any ideas?

Can you try disable HttpAuthLogin ?

I just disabled it, and no difference in output:

[i]Starting Piwik reports archiving…

Reports archiving finished.

Starting Scheduled tasks…

Error: You can’t access this resource as it requires a ‘superuser’ access.
Finished Scheduled tasks.[/i]

is there something in your error log?

Nothing that I can see –

I’m willing to pay someone to troubleshoot this & have sent to Maciej.

I’ve narrowed down the problem (I think) to the script’s inability to get a token_auth.

I tried dumping what it gets, and it just dumps “Array” – so I’m thinking there’s some data issue with the superuser?

Dan. You have new mail.