Problem while install (½k<‹Àv-àaÛËm \Fk¦tD° ò)

(smilla) #1


I read the install guide. I download the latest edtion. Unzipped it und uploaded the folder to my server. Next I run the dir in my browser and got these input (i copied the html source):

‹������$ÍÁ €0DÑ»ULaz–›v`e‰¸$nd]ÑòMðú™Ç¸ è}ç‚ŸÉ(#ªu}ð#0½k<‹Àv-àaÛËm \Fk¦tD° òE’ÔM£¨"³Ä–‡Üò��ÿÿ�¤ÁøÃl���

How could this happen?


(smilla) #2

We have MAMP as server and these funny characters are really on the display.

Could there be a problem with zend or zip settings?

We can’t be the first having that problem.

(vipsoft) #3

Afaik you’re the first.

Can you upload the zip file to the server and then unzip?

The empty head suggests this isn’t a Piwik error.

(vipsoft) #4

Can you see if this applies to you?