Problem upgrading to 0.4.3

(jwerd) #1

Fatal error: Interface ‘Piwik_iUpdate’ not found in /home/…/public_html/webroot/piwik/core/Updates/0.4.2.php on line 19

My piwik says it needs to upgrade the database, but as soon as I click upgrade it throws this error at me.

If there is any safe way of upgrading without using the automated system, please let me know. I use piwik as my main stats tracking software and it rocks, but with this downtime, I’m not sure what to do at this point.

I made a backup of my 0.4.1 version and then downloaded the new version but it want to go thru the installer program instead of actually just upgrading, or detecting the upgrade.

Please, any help is very much so appreciated.


(vipsoft) #2

It sounds like a mix of old and new files – a result of the Piwik auto-upgrade not completing. You might want to check your max_execution_time setting.

To get yourself up and running again…

Copy the files from tmp/latest (or unzip into a new folder).
Remove the files in tmp/latest/*
Copy over your existing config.ini.php or let Piwik recreate it (remember to choose re-use existing tables)
Browse to your Piwik URL