Problem updating to 1.2

(RChadwick) #1

I did the autoupdate to 1.2 this morning. It said it completed, but at the top, it said this:

There is an error. Please report the message and full backtrace in the Piwik forums.

Warning: unlink(C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/ [function.unlink]: Permission denied in C:\Websites\GilsonTechnologies\piwik\plugins\CoreUpdater\Controller.php on line 110

Backtrace -->
#0 Piwik_ErrorHandler(2, unlink(C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/ [function.unlink]: Permission denied, C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik\plugins\CoreUpdater\Controller.php, 110, Array ([archive] => Piwik_Unzip_ZipArchive Object ([] => ZipArchive Object ([status] => 0,[statusSys] => 0,[numFiles] => 2283,[filename] => C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik\tmp\latest\,[comment] => ),[filename] => C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/,[pathExtracted] => C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/,[archive_files] => Array ([0] => Array ([filename] => C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/piwik/,[stored_filename] => piwik/,[size] => 0,[compressed_size] => 0,[mtime] => 1299254146,[index] => 0,[crc] => 0),[1] => Array ([filename] => C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/piwik/tmp/,[stored_filename] => piwik/tmp/,[size] => 0,[compressed_size] => 0,[mtime] => 1299254134,[index] =>…#1 unlink(C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/ called at [C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik\plugins\CoreUpdater\Controller.php:110]#2 Piwik_CoreUpdater_Controller->oneClick_Unpack() called at [C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik\plugins\CoreUpdater\Controller.php:62]#3 Piwik_CoreUpdater_Controller->oneClickUpdate()#4 call_user_func_array(Array ([0] => Piwik_CoreUpdater_Controller Object ([] => ,[] => Array (),[] => Array (),[] => Array (),[] => CoreUpdater,[] => ,[] => ,[] => 0,[] => Piwik_Site Object ([] => 0),[pathPiwikZip] => C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik/tmp/latest/,[1] => oneClickUpdate), Array ()) called at [C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik\core\FrontController.php:125]#5 Piwik_FrontController->dispatch() called at [C:\Websites\GibsonTechnologies\piwik\index.php:60]

(RChadwick) #2

Also, it’s now asking me to update the database to 1.2. What should I do? Did it install?

(vipsoft) #3

It must have installed … otherwise, there wouldn’t be a db update prompt.

(Not sure why Piwik can’t delete the .zip file. I’m guessing your ACL doesn’t permit that operation.)


We had the same issue, permission denied on the …
We have done other automated updates without this issue. I assume this was just cleanup since it seemed to install just fine. Should that file be removed manually after upgrade?

We did have some other issues, like one related to the Realtime Visitors timezone (as discussed by others in this forum) and some other issues where pages were not logging at all. We had a snapshot, so I rolled it back.

I would like to upgrade but hoping these issues will be resolved first.

Should I wait it out? How long till we see fixes for this update released?