Problem to install piwik on a wordpress blog


I can’t make piwik work. I just have installed it in the
folder to analyse my wordpress blog (and others later)…

I exactly follow your official process to install piwik :

It seems that the wp-piwik plugin I have installed on
is not working correctly. I have this error message in my plugin panel (see
joined files please).

Can you help me fix this problem.
Thanks in advance


Which error? Please report any error in the wp-piwik forum: WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik) — WordPress Plugins

Here are the error : see joined files
Thanks to give a look

please ask WP-Piwik developer for some feedback. please post in the forums at: WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik) — WordPress Plugins

I have the same problem. How to fix?

I’m not sure how to fix since this is not the WP-Piwik forums. please ask to André Who is the lead developer of WP-Piwik: WP-Matomo (WP-Piwik) — WordPress Plugins