Problem: Provider always "Unknown" after Piwi. 1.7.x upgrade



since we have upgrade Piwik from 1.6.x to 1.7.x (currently 1.7.1) Piwik is unable to detect the visitor provider. It always say: “Unknown” (and not “IP”). There is no error message relating geoip or anything else in the error log.

(Peterbo) #2

Hi, since 1.7, if you have enabled the anonymizeIP-Plugin, IPs are now anonymized before being processed by plugins due to privacy reasons. So, geoIP and provider plugin will not perform very good with anonymizeIP anymore.


Thanks peter. Do you know if it maybe fixed in future?

(Peterbo) #4

This is not a bug, it’s a feature to be privacy law compliant. So I don’t think this will be changed anymore. Only way to get around this is to disable the anonymizeIP-Plugin.


It is a big loss I think… In my installation of piwik I collect IP addresses in form like this 192.168.1.x, countries and there is no geoIP. I donot understand…