Problem: my real country appears incorrectly

Hello everybody

The problem about display the countries
if the visitor uses internet explorer, the visitor country appears correctly
but if the visitor uses firefox or other browser except ie, the visitor country not appears correctly .

if I’m from egypt and use internet explorer I will see my country appears Egypt .
But if I use firefox I will see my country appears USA .
This problem also occurs with some visitors, example. visitor appears from France , but after check his ip I surprised that he from Morocco . and so on

This problem exists from old versions and new version 1.7.1 also
please fix this problem

Good news: GeoIP is now integrated in Piwik, enabling Accurate Visitors Geolocation in your Analytics reports. To enable GeoIP go to the Settings > Geolocation admin page, and follow the short instructions.

You can also get an even more accurate Country & City Database from here to enjoy top accuracy in detecting your visitors locations.

See also the documentation about Geolocation - Analytics Reports in Piwik.