Problem mesuring goals

Hi, I’m having trouble setting up some goals. I have been able to configure and measure correctly goals of downloading documents and link to external website, but I can’t get the ones for visiting a specific page of my own website. I have tried with the exact match, with contains, with the name of the page or with the URL in all possible combinations. It seems that the target is configured correctly but it doesn’t register any activity. Thank you very much!

Hi @GonzaloFets,
Can you share the goal configuration?
Can you share the log where the goal should have been met?
Note: I am not sure the goal can be applied after the track has been registered. In my understanding, it is processed during tracking.

Yes, I wanted to measure the visits to some specific pages of my website, like this
I have tried configuring these different goals:

When the visitor visit a specific URL that contains “interactius”

When the visitor visit a specific URL that is exact

When viistor visit a page with the exact name “Baròmetre 2021 CAT”

But no one of theme is registering the visitis, instead of other goals i have set for example for measuring the download of a PDF

I assume I won’t have available the information of the visits made so far, but I’m looking to find the right configuration so I can start measuring it.

Thank you very much!