Problem in web.config

(mike_ja) #1

after starting the installation process shows 2 errors

Piwik requires either the extension or both extensions mysqli and pdo_mysql PDO.

1.-On a Windows server can add the following lines to your php.ini:


More information: PHP PDO and mysqli.
Integrity check failed and reported some bugs. This is usually due to a partial load or lack of some of the files of Piwik. You should go back up files and refresh the page Piwik until they show errors.

Wrong file size: C: \ inetpub \ vhosts \ \ httpdocs \ administrator \ components \ com_piwik \ piwik / web.config (expected 1007, found: 1007)

the installation can not continue…

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(vipsoft) #2

Look at your phpinfo(). You’ll need either:

  • mysqli, or
  • PDO + Pdo_mysql

The older “mysql” extension is not supported.

You’re not running the latest version of Piwik. There is no web.config in Piwik 0.8 (it’s generated during installation). Try installing the latest version of Piwik in a fresh directory.