Problem in clickheat plugin

(sectask) #1

I want to use clickheat plugin in my piwik. but when i visit its page, show this warning:

/var/www/piwik/plugins/ClickHeat/Controller.php(93): Warning -
dir(/var/www/piwik/tmp/cache/clickheat/logs/): failed to open dir: No
such file or directory - Piwik 2.14.3 - Please report this message in
the Piwik forums: (please do a search first as it
might have been reported already)

there was a problem during the request. Maybe the server had a
temporary issue, or maybe you requested a report with too much data.
Please try again. If this error occurs repeatedly please contact your Piwik administrator for assistance.

Please help me.
Thank you!

(Stefan Giehl) #2

Seems you need to give write access for the mentioned directory.

Can’t say more as I haven’t used that plugin by now. Your could try to get in touch with the creators on github if that doesn’t help:

(sectask) #3

Thanks. I could to solve this problem and my clickHeat installed and show, but my plugin is not complete or it has bug. I get image and attach its.
Help me please.