Problem for Number of Unique Visitors in a Month

(denizci88) #1


Today I realized a problem for showing number of unique visitors in a month.

I sumed up all number of unique visitors day by day. (October)


I calculated more than 900 unique visitors, but Piwik shows that app. 700.


What is the reason of this problem?

Best Regards

(vipsoft) #2

You can’t simply add them up when you change the aggregation period. You have to account for repeat visitors.


(denizci88) #3

Hello vipsoft,

First of all, thank your for your reply.

Could you tell me what the aggregation period is? I didn’t change anything as distinct from default settings.

If you mean “This is normal condition”, I don’t need any additional answer.

I am looking forward to hearing your reply. Thank you again.

Best Regards