Problem by upgrading to versin 0.6


I have updated from the last version to the current one. Everything looks good, only the plugin screen show me an error. I’ve attached the error’s in 2 files because it is to much text for the thread style_emoticons/<#EMO_DIR#>/rolleyes.gif . it would be great if everyone can help me and sorry for my bad english.

Thanks Dennis

That is unexpected - can you check that all files are uploaded correctly? did you use the one click update or manual upload?


thanks for your answer. I used both, first I try the on click update everything looks good only the plugin screen. after I see that I thought that there is a problem with the one click update and so I do a manual update to, but the the result ist the same. Do have an idea what I can do?


I had an issue too with the automatic upgrade.
So I went manual following the FAQ instructions…
but it says I’m still using the previous version, (not the 0.6 one)???

…that’s no my problem. I have successfull upgraded to 0.6 except the plugin site.

@matthieu: Is it possible that piwik have some files cached, that I have to delete after the update? Or have you another idea?

Fixed for me.
A plugin was sending craps.

sorry for pushing the thread to the top but sventovit’s problem have nothing to do with the main problem of the thread and I hope that anybody can help me.

thank in advanced

Sorry, Dennis. It’s probably as Sventovit experienced, a compatibility problem with a third-party plugin (and it appears you have several installed).

Edit config.ini.php, removing the third-party plugins, and then reactivate from the plugin manager screen to isolate the source of the problem.

thank you! I’ll try my best and will reply the result