Problem after upgrade to 1.12

I just upgraded to version 1.12, but after I run the “web cron” script ( server/piwik/misc/cron/archive.php?token_auth=XYZ ), the widgets in the dashboard now have content like:

[2013-05-31 01:04:24] [bfda487d] [3.16 Mb] Already processed, fetching idArchive = 20 (idSite=1), for day (2013-05-31), plugin Referers, Visits = 1

Is it possible your php memory settings went back to a lower number on the new install?

No, it’s something with the archive script. I did a new install, everything was clean, then run the script and the errors showed again. The funny thing is, I have no idea where they come from - they are still seen after I deleted the archive tables from the DB and the /tmp/cache directory.

Could you delete files in the temp folder?

Delete widgets and re add them? Do they work then?

@leskojat, the error is not related to memory limits…

@pavka it looks like debugging is enabled in your piwik, have you modified the config.ini.php file? what does it contain?