Problem after update to 1.8, No widgets


I’ve attached a picture of my piwik screen after the update,
there aren’t any widgets or stats in my screen after I updated.
When I’m clicking on any of the stats categories like “visitors”/ “Actions”, nothing happens…

I hope you could help me…

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

see Troubleshooting - Analytics Platform - Matomo


Before I re-upload The entire folder,
I have tried to do all the suggestion in the FAQ and then when I wanted to download the latest piwik installation, I clicked by mistake on the “piwik demo” in and for some reason the graphs aren’t showing for me either even in there…

Is this probably leading to a problem with my computer/browser? even though I have am using firefox, and tested it with opera and it didn’t work. And another reason that the problem is with piwik, is that the problem occurred only after I updated the version of piwik.

Another thing to be noted, I have 4 sites, and I updated piwik in all of them( they have seperated piwik installation folders and hostings) and I there is a blank page in all of them…

I hope you could help me, since I am not sure that even re-installing piwik would help, but I just want to know if there is other option before I’m doing it.

Thanks all!


I deleted everything that’s connected to piwik including the databases and folders as written in the FAQ and then reinstalled piwik with different names/folder names/database name, but the problem is the same…

Can someone please assist me?



Could you check your filesystem is full? Is Unix or Windows?
I´ve faced the same problem then I checked my filesystem where piwik is installed and was full.


What do you mean by filesystem is full? the entire disk usage of the hosting? if so, then no… there is enough space in the disk
and the hosting is with linux.




Yes I meant where piwik is installed probably the filesystem is full.
Could you check apache logs? specific error_log.

(sebigbos) #9

just delete all files in the tmp folder of your PIWIK installation…


This is really weird, I didn’t do anything further my last update and suddenly it started working…
Thank you all for your help !