Potential 3.0.0 password API logme bug

Testing out latest version and noticed automatic logins no longer work. When using logme (i.e., https://stats.example.org/index.php?module=Login&action=logme&login=your_login&password=your_MD5_password), I’m seeing the following error:

An error occurred The password parameter is expected to be a MD5 hash of the password.

The password being submitted was retrieved via the UsersManager API (i.e., http://demo.piwik.org/?module=API&method=UsersManager.getUsers&userLogins=&format=xml&token_auth=anonymous) and I verified the password retrieved matches what’s in the password column of the piwik_user table. I noticed the old passwords from the previous version still login properly via logme so I’m guessing it has something to do with #5728 (Passwords: use better algorithm than md5 hash, use salts and maintain BC ) and/or #10740 (Updates password/token_auth hashing).

Hello, please create a bug report in our tracker: Issues · piwik/piwik · GitHub and we’ll try to investigate :+1: