Possible to modify a goal's revenue after it's been added?

We have a web page with subscriptions. Therefore, it’s not possible to know beforehand how much revenue a certain goal conversion will make since the subscription can be cancelled in two months, or two year, or whenever. Basically, we need to update the revenue of a specific goal conversion at every payment until the subscription ends. Is it possible to fetch one goal conversion using the Piwik API and update its revenue?

As an example, consider a user making two orders one year apart. One order lasts for 2 months, the other one 4 months. So what we need is to bind one visit to a revenue of 2 months, and the other visit to a revenue of 4 months. If we just add a total of 6 goal conversions, it would not be possible to know which visit led to the most revenue.

Split it up to multiple goal conversions. 1st goal: subscription, 2nd goal: subscription renewed, 3rd goal: subscription cancelled.

What you want additionally is to measure the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer. This is not possible out of the box because the User may not be recognized anymore as the same user after a given amount of time (or change of IP / Cookie deletion / etc). For this you would have to use the user-id feature to reliably recognize the user at any time and store its revenue: User ID - Analytics Platform - Piwik


Thank you so much for your reply! I’ve had problems finding the right place to ask questions about Piwik.

We’re already using the PHP Tracking API, and all our subscribers are registered. Using user_id will not be a problem. However, I’m wondering about the relation between visitors and users. Is it possible to correlate them? E.g., if I set both visitor id and user id for a goal conversion. Obviously we’d like to know which country etc a user comes from.

We have multiple different kinds of subscriptions. Would you recommend one subscription/renewal/cancel goal for each sort?