Possible to getCountry but get the count of a specific action?


hi there,
i have users who are entering on one page url, exiting on another.
Each page has it’s own action_name

now is it possible to get the count of the visits/actions on just one of those pages? but per country.
Every time i use getCountry it counts the users actions on both the entry and exit page. so i always get double the value.
But sometimes the user might not exit on my exit page, or they may visit more then once.

my url to get the data is:

but that is always giving me the nb_actions as 10 for the one country coming up, when i just want the entry page action which is 6 ( because one person didn’t do an exit page action )

i have started to set the e_c and e_a values too, but can’t seem to limit to only the one (entry of exit ) with these too.

(Matthieu Aubry) #2

Yes, use Segmentation feature to segment only for a particular page: Segmentation - Compare segments of visitors - Analytics Platform - Matomo


i am using segmentation.
you can see it in the url above…

but it wont give me a count of individual actions per country, it only give me an overall count of all actions performed for each user.