Possible causes when no visitors tracked anymore?

Since 1 week no visitors are shown anymore for my WordPress site, while Piwik still functions fine for all my Joomla sites, and I am sure there were also visitors on my WP site.
=> What may have caused this? Updates of Piwik or of WordPress? Or whatever else?
=> How could I find out / where could I look what causes this, considering that my own IP-address is excluded?


When you open your wordpress site, can you check your browsers developer tools if there is an error in the javascript console or an failed request in the network tab?

Hi Lukas,

It works again. I think I found it.
The site was still mentioned as ‘http’ and not adapted to ‘https’.
Probably the joomla sites are not sensible to that, since they all also still had ‘http’.

I now changed all my sites to ‘https’.

Thanks a lot for your quick response.


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