Possble to integrate Matomo in other app?

Hi All

I am working on a startup project and looking for a screen recorder plugin that we can integrate in our SaaS software.

The concept is that a customer can configure a user testing sessions and that these sessions are then recorded via the browser without interfering the user. The customer can then view the recordings together with other experience data, answers to survey questions, etc.

Is this possible with Matomo? Can we integrate it fully in our app without the Matomo branding?

Many thanks


You can integrate Matomo reports as iFrames into other pages:

If you want to remove any trace of Matomo branding, you might want to look into the Whitelabel plugin: https://plugins.matomo.org/WhiteLabel

Or you can fetch the data from any report in Matomo via the API and build your own visualisation of it.

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