Portuguese translation

(marcusbacus) #1

I have installed piwik last night (didn’t have time yet to adjust everything but it seems great) and I noticed that the Portuguese translation is a bit messed up, lots of typos, parts not really fully translated etc.

Is there some new/updated/corrected version around? Or should I try to fix this myself? It’s really a bad job that was done there.

Also, it should say that it’s basically a Brazilian Portuguese translation, users from Portugal or other portuguese-speaking countries might find it a bit annoying, and a translation for Portugal should be done (usually it’s PT for Portuguese of Portugal and PT-BR for Brazilian) and it should appear this way in the menu.

I’ve installed the translation plugin but I can’t get past the general translations there, so I’ve exported it to a php file in the same plugin and will redo the translation from there. Where should I upload it back after translated?

(vipsoft) #2

See http://piwik.org/translations

(marcusbacus) #3

I redid all the (FULL!) translation to my needs, including even country names. Still, I can’t just upload it to be used as the main Portuguese translation, because of inconsistency reported here: forum.piwik.org/index.php?showtopic=1578 and also because of the differences between pt and pt_br.

It looks quite strange when the grammar doesn’t match what’s being shown…

(vipsoft) #4

Are you working from the latest translation strings in svn?

Add a comment to the translation file and submit it to translations (at) piwik.org. Let Noah (Piwik’s Translation Coordinator) know that you believe the existing pt translation should be renamed pt-br.

Then open a ticket in trac for the gender problem, so we remember to tackle it. It’ll probably require code changes.