Plugin Updates not visible in Marketclace

Hello everyone,

I wanted to update to Matomo 4.0.5. Currently I have 3.14.1 installed.
Before the update I get a notice that some plugins are nciht compatible and need an update.

These plugins are listed:
HidePasswordReset requires Piwik <4.0.0-b1 (
MarketingCampaignsReporting requires Piwik <4.0.0-b1 (

If I go to the GitHub pages of these plugins, it is apparent that there have been updates for these plugins for quite some time. However, I can’t install them anywhere.

Is there a solution for this problem?


The message the updater shows is a bit ambigous, but everything is working as expected:

The version of HidePasswordReset you have installed is not compatible with Matomo 4, so it will be disabled during the update (this is what the updater warns about).

But there is a newer version of the plugin that is compatible with Matomo 4 (but not 3). So during the update, Matomo will install this version of the plugin and everything should continue to work as before after the update now using the Matomo 4 version of the plugin.

Does the same apply to the MarketingCampaignsReporting plugin?

So I could install Matomo 4.0.5 and the newer version of the plugins will be installed automatically afterwards?


If you can see a Matomo 4 compatible version on the marketplace, then it should work.

So yes, it should also apply to MarketingCampaignsReporting.

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Vielen Dank.
Das Update verlief Problemlos!

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