Plugin to show visitors list accross all sites


Is there any kind of plugin where you can view all your sites together? For the type of websites I am managing this would be very useful.

One of my favorite views on Piwik is the “Visitor Log” . It would be great to see this visitor log for ALL sites.

Is this possible?

(Srđan Mahmutović) #2

Actually you can do this easily. just create a new website e.g. “all websites” and add tracking code on multiple websites. you should also enable a piwik param which then tracks a user across domains. more info here How do I track several websites, domains and multiple subdomains in Piwik? - Analytics Platform - Matomo


I still want them seperated though… i would have to put 2 piwik tracking codes on if i did it like that. Trying to keep it simple, the data is there already right!