Plugin.json and 'TrackerPlugin' => true

as i understand it, we should use for our plugins plugin.json instead of getInformation. Does it support TrackerPlugin? So should i just put there
"TrackerPlugin": true,
(CamelCase or lowercase)???


TrackerPlugin is not required anymore as Piwik platform will automatically detect which plugin is a tracker plugin.

thank you matthieu - please is there any example of such tracker plugin that works with current version of piwik. I have not found it anywhere. Longer description here
P.S.: is there a possibility to order such services from you? I do not have budget for full pro version of Piwik, but i might buy some of Pro plugins or pay few hours for such consulations.

We have been in touch and your issue was resolved. For completeness, yes we do offer consulting for developing plugins for Piwik. Contact us @ Development for Piwik - Analytics Platform - Matomo