Plugin Integration Failure

Hi Team
Can you please guide me, what is the solution for this i am getting this error

  **PHP Fatal error:  Type of Piwik\Plugins\MatomoKafka\MatomoKafka::$pluginName must not be defined (as in class Piwik\Plugin) in /var/www/html/matomo/plugins/MatomoKafka/MatomoKafka.php on line 46**

My PHP version is 8.0
and Matomo im using 4x (cloned from github repo)

but when i import the plugin from UI and after successful import
I activate the Plugin through command line
and this is showing me this error

Plugin Github Repo:

I pinged to the developer who created this, but did’nt get any resonse from their side
may be they left this Plugin now

Any other member who know this and why this issue coming ?


Team i resolved the issue by changing into the file (MatomoKafka.php)
protected string $pluginName = ‘MatomoKafka’; replaced to protected $pluginName = ‘MatomoKafka’;

and upgrade the version of Php7.2 to 8.0

By doing this my plugin activated successfully

But in console UI of PHP I saw matomo.php is throwing internal server error.


Now how can we resolve this ? Im stuck in this

Matomo version: 4.14.3-b1
MySQL version: 5.7.41-0ubuntu0.18.04.1
PHP version: 8.0.28