Plugin for Newsletter Tracking - Development


I’m using piwik for some time and for about a month in an high performance environment. We collected one gig of data in three weeks.

I would like tu use piwik to track also our newsletter with about 20k views per week and i am writing an plugin for this.
My question is: does it make sense to add the data in the piwik db or should i use a different db to store the data?

I would ask why would you think storing this data in its own DB would be better than not using the same one all the other Piwik sites are using? Is it because you think the increase of 20k would tax your DB server?

I would look at the useage on your current DB server and see how taxed your are pushing it during your peak hours and if you have spare CPU and memory I would see no reason not to.

I finally got piwik on to every one of our servers are total daily hits for all sites is in the 1.6 mil a day average. All of them are using a single MySQL DB that still has room for more. The only time it gets really taxed is if the GEO dat files need updating and I run an updaterows while it is also tracking the main data. I just have a single server with its sole purpose of being a Piwik tracker for all my sites.

WE’d need more info to reply, you can also contact Piwik Experts :